What is GEVALIA?

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What is GEVALIA?

GEVALIA began in 1853 in Gävle, a small coastal town north of Stockholm, when Victor Theodor Engwall started a coffee import business.

More than 170 years ago, coffee was just beginning to spread in Sweden.

In 1913, Engwall opened a coffee roastery and finally founded GEVALIA in 1920.

In 1957, they developed vacuum-packed coffee, which was revolutionary at the time, and greatly improved the problem of deterioration after roasting. GEVALIA grew steadily and in 1966 became Sweden's most consumed coffee brand.

Instant coffee from Swedish coffee maker GEVALIA

delicious instant coffee

1971 General Foods begins management of GEVALIA. After repeated research, several years later he succeeded in developing an instant coffee that was worthy of the name ``GEVALIA''.

GEVALIA coffee, as well as instant coffee, quickly became popular in Sweden, and there are still many loyal drinkers today.

In 1995 GEVALIA launched the Gevalia Ekologiskt project. Since then, we have been actively producing coffee beans that are kind to the environment and people.

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Holding coffee in a coffee cup

GEVALIA commercial that will make you smile

As a side note, the series of GEVALIA TV commercials "Unexpected Visit" that aired around 1985 became a hot topic and seems to have ignited the popularity of coffee.

``Even when you have unexpected visitors, with GEVALIA coffee you can have a wonderful fika in no time.'' The commercial is full of stories about truly unexpected situations. The floor of the room of a man who was training to lift weights falls through and he falls to the floor below. →It's like making eye contact with someone in the room downstairs, and the next thing you know, you're drinking coffee together.

It's a very silly setting, but it's somehow cute and makes me laugh. By the way, the overwhelming majority of Swedish commercials are boring.

GEVALIA's recent commercial series ``One cup closer to the unexpected'' seems to be popular. A story that makes you think, ``If you think about it, that coffee at that time was the trigger for something like this.''

A soothing commercial (40 seconds) that will make you laugh. Please take a look if you like.

GEVALIA CM “One cup closer to the unexpected”



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