What is ZOÉGAS?

What is ZOÉGAS?

ZOÉGAS is a coffee company founded in 1886 by Carlos Zoéga and Maria Zoéga in Helsingborg, located in southwest Sweden.

The founders, Mr. and Mrs. Zoéga, seem to have been big fans of dark roasted coffee, and this is a company that clearly shows their love for coffee. It is especially popular for its dark roast coffee.

The two met and got married several years before founding the company in Landskrona, a city in the Skåne region of southern Sweden. Both of them were already passionate about dark roasted coffee.

He moved to the port town of Helsingborg in Skåne to start a coffee trade, and on November 30, 1886, he opened ZOÉGAS, a restaurant beloved by many coffee lovers.

ZOÉGAS has a reputation for deep roasting

ZOÉGAS is still run by a passionate staff who love coffee. There is no doubt that this is an attractive coffee maker for those who are particular about roasting.

Rudolf Zoéga, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Zoéga who succeeded them, talks about the appeal of blending as follows:

"Att komponera en kaffeblandning kan i någon mån jämföras med att komponera musik"

"Blending coffee is in some ways like composing music."

Rudolf Zoéga

Also, roasting expert Dan Fredriksson has this to say about dark roast coffee:

"Dark-roasted coffee is full of unique and diverse flavors compared to other medium-roasted coffees."

"Many people think that dark-roasting beans eliminates the acidity, but dark-roasting actually disperses the organic acids and integrates them with other organic acids, creating a more complex flavor."

Roast Master: Dan Fredriksson

To deliver sustainable coffee

ZOÉGAS believes that it is the natural responsibility of our suppliers to be conscious of sustainability and to act with an eye to the future when delivering high-quality coffee.


This is the phrase posted at the top of ZOÉGAS's official website. The cup of coffee you drink every day will lead to improvements in the future of coffee and the environment and global warming. That's why I want to stick to a cup of coffee.

ZOÉGAS operates sustainable farms, supports the independence and independence of women working on coffee farms, uses electricity for transportation to reduce CO2 emissions, runs its head office roastery on 100% renewable energy, and recycles materials as much as possible. We are thoroughly implementing comprehensive sustainability practices, such as adopting

As part of this initiative, we are actively promoting Coffee by Women, a project to develop women in West Africa as coffee-related entrepreneurs. Since 2011, we have trained more than 42 000 female coffee farmers in Kenya and Rwanda.

ZOÉGAS's Sustainable Programs



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