LÖFBERGS is a coffee company founded in 1906 by three brothers from the Swedish Löfberg family (Anders, John, Josef).

It has been passed down from generation to generation by a family that loves coffee, and is currently in its fourth generation. By 1999, the company had grown to account for approximately 20% of the Swedish coffee market, making it one of the leading coffee roasting companies in Northern Europe. From 1906 to 2012, the company name was Löfbergs Lila, but in 2012 it changed to its current name Löfbergs.

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Three brothers' roastery grows significantly

In addition to our headquarters in Karlstad, on the north shore of Sweden's large lake Vänern, we also have roasteries in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, and the United Kingdom.

As the largest family-owned coffee roaster in Northern Europe, we produce over 10 million cups of delicious coffee every day.

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We want to deliver sustainable coffee

For LÖFBERGS, which is based on a family business, ``connections with people'' and ``sustainable coffee'' are very important.

Desiring to be a coffee company that is kind to people and the environment, we have been taking the lead in supporting organic coffee bean cultivation and adopting the fair trade system for several decades.

There is no doubt that LÖFBERGS, which has been responsible for a large part of the Nordic coffee market, was the first to proactively implement this business model, which had a great influence on other Swedish coffee companies.

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Together we can all Do Well by Doing Good.

In 2020, we established the NPO Circular Coffee Community.

It acts as a platform for companies, farmers, and others to discuss the future of the coffee industry. We are actively working to improve issues and launch new projects in the fields of global environmental issues, fair trade, recycling, and upcycling.

One of the most trusted Swedish coffee roasting companies, with a passion and love for coffee.

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