Regarding delivery

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We will ship directly from Sweden to Japan by international airmail.

Once shipped, it usually arrives within 7-10 business days. *1

Shipped by the Swedish post office Postnord →Once it arrives in Japan, Japan Post will deliver it to your home.

We have selected a shipping method that allows tracking. *2

Although we take great care in packaging and preparing for shipping, there is a possibility that some damage may occur during transportation or due to the shipping company's responsibility after it is handed over to the shipping company.

Considering that the product arrived all the way from Sweden, we kindly ask for your understanding if there are any scratches or dents that do not interfere with the use of the product.

  • *1
    It will take 7-10 business days after notification of shipping completion. Saturdays, Sundays and Swedish public holidays are not included. Depending on the timing, it may take 14 to 16 business days. There may also be delays due to weather conditions.
  • *1
    Swedish post offices are extremely busy from Thanksgiving Day (late November) to Christmas, so it is expected that it will take more than twice as long as usual. Please note.
  • *2
    Since the package can be tracked after it has been registered, it may take several hours for the tracking number to be reflected after the package has been shipped.

How do I track it?

Tracking is possible by entering the tracking number on the Swedish or Japanese post office website.

After receiving the shipping notification email, enter the tracking number provided in the email into the Swedish Post Office website or Japan Post website to check.

The tracking number is listed under "Confirm your order" in the shipping notification email.

PostNord SE It consists of 9 digits of letters and numbers following the tracking number.

The tracking number is linked to the Swedish Post Office website , so you will be automatically redirected to the page.

You can also click on "Svenska" in the upper right corner to display in English.

The delivery route will be displayed at the bottom. However, it will not be updated unless you scan the barcode affixed to the package, so it is usually updated only 2-3 times after receiving the package, shipping from Sweden, and arriving in Japan .

You can also track it on the Japanese post office website.

You can also track your package on the Japan Post website , so you can rest assured.

* It may take several hours for the tracking number to be reflected.

For reference, the time it took from shipping to delivery for the package we sent this time was 9 days (6-7 business days).

● Shipped on January 18th → Departed from Sweden on January 22nd → Arrived in Japan on January 25th → Passed Japanese customs on January 26th → Delivery completed on January 27th

What happens after arriving in Japan?

The Japanese post office will deliver it to your home.

If you are not home, please follow the post office's notification of absence to arrange re-delivery.

Questions about shipping costs, delivery methods, and customs duties are summarized in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Please check before contacting us.

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