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SÖRGÅRDSTE (Swedish Summer House) Flavored Tea 125g KOBBS

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SÖRGÅRDSTE(スウェディッシュ・サマーハウス)フレーバーティー 125g KOBBS - Fikahuset(フィーカフセット)
SÖRGÅRDSTE (Swedish Summer House) Flavored Tea 125g KOBBS

SÖRGÅRDSTE (Swedish Summer House) is a flavored tea from KOBBS, a long-established tea specialty store certified by the Swedish royal family.

As the name suggests, this tea is reminiscent of the refreshing summer of Sweden.

The balance between the fruitiness and the soft astringency of black tea is exquisite. This is a very easy-to-drink blended tea.

Fika with Scandinavian Swedish KOBBS tea, SÖRGÅRDSTE (Swedish Summerhouse) and biscotti

The sweet and sour taste of strawberries and the tropical scent of passion fruit make people feel excited.

Just like when Swedes celebrate summer!

The refreshing blue color and the scenery of the Swedish flag fluttering are so lovely that it makes a perfect gift.

Fika with black tea from Nordic Sweden KOBBS and iced tea from SÖRGÅRDSTE (Swedish Summer House)

Swedish Summerhouse is delicious hot or iced. Cold brew iced tea is recommended in summer. The tropical scent stands out.

[Raw materials]
Black tea, blackcurrant leaves, rose petals, spices (rhubarb, strawberry, passion fruit)

【 country of origin 】
China, Türkiye, Vietnam (Country of manufacture: Sweden)

【 Internal capacity 】
125g (approximately 60 cups, assuming 1 cup is 2g of tea leaves)

[About the package]
Due to the nature of the product packaging, KOBBS black tea may have tea leaves attached to the tape at the top and bottom of the bag, but this is not a problem with the product itself. Also, there may be wrinkles or scratches on the packaging paper. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

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SÖRGÅRDSTE(スウェディッシュ・サマーハウス)フレーバーティー 125g KOBBS - Fikahuset(フィーカフセット)

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1809年に、Martin Samuel Kobb がスウェーデン第2の都市である Gothenburg(ヨーテボリ)に KOBBS を創業。以後、彼の息子たちによって代々引き継がれ、200年以上もの長い間紅茶の研究とブレンド技術の開発をし続けていました。


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perfect for gift!


KOBBS の紅茶は、パッケージの可愛さも人気のひとつ。




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