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COOP is located in Sweden. Many Swedes recognize our ecological attitude and policy of providing better products at reasonable prices.

COOP SVERIGE was founded in 1899 with the philosophy of "Good Food in good shops, at a good price."

In order to make it clear where the food we eat was made, in 1946 COOP SVERIGE decided to clearly state the country of production on its packaging. This is commonplace now, but at the time it was a first for a Swedish company.

Swedish Coop tea

Sparkling Scandinavian pop design

There are many different supermarkets in Sweden, but I personally like COOP the best and often go shopping there. Not only do I trust the quality of the product, but the design direction is very nice.

From the packaging of our in-house developed products to our store information boards, flyers, eco-bags, and paper bags, we use the brand color of green as a base and adopt bold, Scandinavian pop designs. Really COOP? The sense of style shines through so much that you'll think so.

The sprouts of a sustainable image

Selected as the most sustainable brand

Änglamark, one of COOP SVERIGE's own brands, is a brand whose policy is to produce eco-friendly and sustainable products.

Änglamark products have been named the ``Most Sustainable Swedish Food Brand'' for five consecutive years since 2017 by a renowned European research institute.

Even now, it is one of the Swedish companies that you want to support, with an attitude of always moving forward and taking into consideration the needs of consumers and local producers.

COOP SVERIGE's Sustainable Programs



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  • “First, make yourself sustainable” We donated a portion of our sales in 2023 to a Swedish NPO nature conservation group.

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