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Sustainable practices

Sustainability at Fikahuset

I want to choose a more sustainable method when choosing something.

Small choices lead to big changes

Fikahuset is doing some sustainable things

Sustainable Practice 1

Donation to NPO nature conservation organization

Fikahuset donates a portion of its sales each year to Naturskyddsförenningen, a Swedish nature conservation organization, with the idea of ​​``something we can do.''

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Sustainable Practice 2

sustainable manufacturers

The manufacturers of products sold at Fikahuset are all wonderful companies that are conscious of sustainability.

We operate the process from coffee farm to customer in a sustainable flow.

See Rainforest Alliance certified products

Sustainable Practice 3

eco friendly gift wrapping

Gift wrapped in a cute eco bag.

Since it is wrapped in a durable eco bag instead of wrapping paper, it can be used for a long time even after opening.

It's also earth-friendly as it's made from 100% recycled materials.

View gift eco bags

Sustainable Practice 4

Recycle the cushioning material

Since opening in 2019, Fikahuset has been using recycled products for boxes and cushioning materials when packaging products.

We also use eco-friendly cardboard boxes made from recycled paper for shipping.

Important thing

Delivered by airmail from Sweden to Japan. Please be sure to check the weight restrictions and customs duties that you should know about.

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  • Reopened on February 5, 2024!

    Feb 4, 2024

    Fikahuset reopened on February 5th...

  • “First, make yourself sustainable” We donated a portion of our sales in 2023 to a Swedish NPO nature conservation group.

    Jan 9, 2024

    Thank you for your continued...

  • Reopening of Fikahuset is scheduled for January 2024

    Nov 25, 2023

    Fikahuset was able to safely...