What is The Tea Center of Stockholm?

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What is The Tea Center of Stockholm?

The Tea Center of Stockholm is a charming little tea shop located in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

It was founded in 1979 by world-famous blender Vernon Mauris.

The highly fragrant black tea, which is made by purchasing high-quality tea leaves directly from farms and blending with a unique sensibility, is loved by the Swedish royal family and all over the world.

The Tea Center of Stockholm is also famous for its black tea blend, which is served at the annual Nobel Prize banquet held at Stockholm's City Hall.

teapot and teacup

Masterful blend by Vernon Mauris

Vernon's sharp and sophisticated sensibilities create blends that are well-received.

Until now, we have received requests for original blends from The Gland Hotel, Svenskt Tenn, The Royal Palace, the Nobel Museum, etc., and have devised many attractive blended teas.

Here's a short video of Vernon and his son Gian Mauris talking about tea.

The visuals are beautiful, and Vernon Morris' words really touch my heart.

When you are cold,
Tea will warm you.
When you are warm,
Tea will be cool you.
When you are sad,
Tea will cheer you.
Tea is Time.

Excerpt from The Tea Center of Stockholm "Tea is Time"

The Tea Center of Stockholm “Tea is Time” short video (4 minutes)



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