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BRYGG MELLANROST 450g (coffee powder, medium roast) GEVALIA

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BRYGG MELLANROST 450g(コーヒー粉・中煎り)GEVALIA - Fikahuset(フィーカフセット)
BRYGG MELLANROST 450g (coffee powder, medium roast) GEVALIA

BRYGG MELLANROST is a medium-roasted coffee made with such care that the long-established Swedish coffee maker GEVALIA calls it ``our original coffee.''

GEVALIA's BRYGG MELLANROST is a popular coffee that continues to be loved in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries.

When you go to a supermarket in Sweden, you'll always see piles of coffee on display in the coffee section, giving you a good idea of ​​how popular it is.

Easy to drink, approachable, and has a taste that makes you want to drink it again.

Deep, bitter, fruity, and slightly refreshing acidity, each complex flavor perfectly harmonizes to create a fragrant, well-balanced, and powerful flavor.

“Som ett mellanrostat kaffe ska smaka! Välbalanserat med fyllig kropp och en len behaglig eftersmak.”

"This is the epitome of a medium-roast coffee. Balanced, full-bodied, with a pleasant aftertaste."

Master Taster David Holfve

GEVALIA's BRYGG MELLANROST is recommended for both morning fika and afternoon fika.

The balance of taste is really ``just right,'' so you'll be satisfied with just one cup of coffee.

It also goes well with the Swedish pastry sweets Kanelbullar (cinnamon buns) and Kardemummabullar (cardamom buns).

If you're having trouble choosing coffee as a gift, try choosing GEVALIA's medium roast first. Whether dark roasted or medium roasted, with or without acidity, this is an easy-to-drink coffee that everyone will enjoy.

[Raw materials]
arabica coffee beans

【 country of origin 】
Brazil, Ethiopia, etc. (Country of manufacture: Sweden)

【 Internal capacity 】
450g (approximately 45 cups, assuming 1 cup is 10g)

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BRYGG MELLANROST 450g(コーヒー粉・中煎り)GEVALIA - Fikahuset(フィーカフセット)

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GEVALIA(イェヴァリア)は、1853年に海沿いの小さな町 Gävle(イェーヴレ)で、Victor Theodor Engwall がコーヒーの輸入業をスタートしたことがはじまり。

1913年にはコーヒーの焙煎所を建て、1920年に GEVALIA を創立します。順調に成長し、1966年にはスウェーデンで最も飲まれているコーヒーのブランドになります。

また、1995年に「Gevalia Ekologiskt 」を始動。環境や人々に優しいコーヒー豆の製造を積極的に行っています。

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perfect for gift!


スウェーデンで人気の GEVALIA コーヒー。


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