What is Garant?

What is Garant?

Garant is one of the original brands of Axfood AB, a Swedish company with a high market share in the Nordic food industry.

We started in 2009 with the motto “GARANTERAT BRA!” (We guarantee quality products!).

“Our goal is to be a guarantor of delicious food for everyone.

In addition to just delicious food, we always set high standards in the process from idea to product on store shelves.

That's why we can offer you a ``garanterat genomtänkt'' (a well-thought-out guarantee). ”

Excerpt/translation from GARANT Official Website

Four types of tea with cute pop designs from Nordic Swedish food manufacturer Garant (Earl Gray, Gumla Seder, Rhubarb Vanilla, Chai Masala)

Garant makes many original organic products.

The Scandinavian pop package design is also an attractive feature.

We are a reliable manufacturer that is cute, delicious, and kind to your wallet and the earth.

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