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All purchases made at Fikahuset are shipped directly from Sweden.

Shipping fee is 1,600 yen nationwide.
(The maximum weight of the product is 1.7 kg)

There are weight restrictions as the item will be shipped via Postnord, the Swedish post office.

The total weight of the items can be up to 1.7 kg.

Rest assured, the weight will be automatically calculated by the online store's system.

*The set weight of the product may differ from the actual weight as it also takes into account the volume.
Example: A tea bag box is lightweight but takes up space, so it is set larger than its actual weight.

About purchasing coffee

Swedish coffee is large, so each piece usually weighs 450-500g.
Therefore, a maximum of 3 coffees can be packed in each package (up to 1.7kg) to be shipped.
If you would like to purchase 3 or more, please see below.

What if I want to buy more?

It is possible to send multiple items through the Swedish post office Postnord.

Shipping costs vary depending on the quantity of boxes.

  • For 2 pieces: 3,200 yen
    (1.7 kg or more up to 3.4 kg)
  • For 3 pieces: 4,800 yen
    (3.4 kg or more up to 5.1 kg)

Shipping charges will automatically change depending on the weight of the product. Shipping charges will be displayed on the checkout screen.

Questions about shipping costs, delivery methods, and customs duties are summarized in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Please check before contacting us.

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