"Valuing our limited nature" We donated a portion of our 2021 sales to a Swedish NPO nature conservation organization.

With gratitude Thank you for your continued patronage ...

With gratitude

Thank you for your continued patronage of Fikahuset.

Thanks to you, we are happy that more and more people are enjoying Fika with Swedish tea and coffee.

I'm sure there are many people in various situations related to the new coronavirus, but I simply believe that enjoying delicious tea or coffee in your own home is a truly irreplaceable time.

sweden nature
Trollhättan, Sweden

Whether it's one fika or two fika,
Pour into your favorite cup
Enjoy the scent,
I put down my smartphone and get distracted.
play your favorite music,
Talking about trivia with family and friends,

Small things like that enrich your soul more than you can imagine.

sweden nature
Trollhättan, Sweden

Cherish the limited nature

For us at Fikahuset, "cherishing nature" is a very important theme.

Global warming is progressing at an incredible speed.

Unfortunately, when I'm in Tokyo, I don't get a real sense of what's going on, and I don't really feel a sense of crisis.

sweden nature
Trollhättan, Sweden

The movie "Don't Look Up" that I watched the other day is a comical story about the disappointment of a scientist who knows the facts and the state of modern communication.

The media sounded the alarm about the fact that a huge comet would collide with the Earth in six months, but no one would take it seriously, which seemed to convey the current climate of global warming.

sweden nature
Trollhättan, Sweden

Protecting Sweden's nature

Every year, we donate a portion of our sales to Naturskyddsförenningen, a Swedish nature conservation organization.

It's really a small support, but I would like to do it little by little from what I can.

This time, we donated to counter global warming and protect endangered species.

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation

Donation to Naturskyddsforeningen
sweden nature
Trollhättan, Sweden

use recycled boxes

At our discretion, Fikahuset may continue to use recycled products for the outer box (cardboard box) and cushioning material delivered.

Of course, if the orderer and delivery address are different, the item will be packaged in a new cardboard box and delivered as before.

I wanted to start from the perspective of valuing limited resources. Thank you for your understanding.

“First make yourself sustainable” Donation in 2023

“What is eco-friendly?” Donations in 2022

“Fika is also earth-friendly” Donations in 2020

Fika and nature, Greta's words



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  • “First, make yourself sustainable” We donated a portion of our sales in 2023 to a Swedish NPO nature conservation group.

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    Thank you for your continued...

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