"What is Eco?" A portion of the sales in 2022 will be donated to a Swedish NPO nature conservation organization.

This year too, I would like to express my gratitude Th...
Nordkroken in SWEDEN

This year too, I would like to express my gratitude

Thank you for your continued patronage of Fikahuset.

Thanks to you, we are happy that more and more people are enjoying Fika with Swedish tea and coffee.

I feel deeply that enjoying delicious tea or coffee at home is actually an irreplaceable moment, even if it is just a part of everyday life.

Unimaginable things are happening in the world, and even though I feel frustrated that I can't do anything, I think it's been a year that has made me keenly aware of what is truly important.

I hope that many people will continue to think about what is important and feel a little happiness through Fika.

Nordkroken in SWEDEN
Nordkroken, Sweden

What is eco?

Lately, I've had more and more opportunities to stop and think, "What is eco-friendly?"

One example is the story of a recycled cup company that I learned about on a documentary program the other day.

In order to reduce the amount of waste of paper coffee cups and plastic lids used in cafes and convenience stores, we have created a system to operate cups that can be used and recycled many times. Instead of paper cups, you can use stainless steel cups with smart designs and logos.

Nordkroken in SWEDEN
Nordkroken, Sweden

When I hear that it can be used over and over again, it gives me a very eco-friendly impression. However, when we tracked the numbers in detail, we discovered a surprising fact.

It turns out that paper cups are more eco-friendly.

The process of collecting recycled cups three times a week, transporting them by truck, washing and drying them, and transporting and refilling them again was a huge energy-consuming process. Of course, CO2 is emitted during transportation.

Nordkroken in SWEDEN
Nordkroken, Sweden

In the news the other day, there was a report about the lifespan and disposal of solar panels.

The lifespan is about 25 to 30 years, and it costs a huge amount of money and energy to dispose of it.

Furthermore, since it is not easy to disassemble and dispose of, there are many challenges regarding how to dispose of it.

Of course, numbers are not everything, but I feel that thinking from various aspects, which makes you question, ``Is this really eco-friendly?'' is a milestone in thinking about environmental issues.

Donation to Naturskyddsforeningen

Every year, we donate a portion of our sales to Naturskyddsförenningen, a Swedish nature conservation organization.

It's really a small support, but I would like to do it little by little from what I can.

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation

Nordkroken in SWEDEN
Nordkroken, Sweden

Cherish the limited nature

At our discretion, Fikahuset may continue to use recycled products for the outer box (cardboard box) and cushioning material delivered.

Of course, if the orderer and delivery address are different, the item will be packaged in a new cardboard box and delivered as before.

Also, from 2022 we will no longer be enclosing delivery notes. I wanted to start from the perspective of valuing limited resources. Thank you for your understanding.

“First make yourself sustainable” Donation in 2023

“Value limited nature” Donation in 2021

“Fika is also earth-friendly” Donations in 2020

Fika and nature, Greta's words



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  • “First, make yourself sustainable” We donated a portion of our sales in 2023 to a Swedish NPO nature conservation group.

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    Thank you for your continued...

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