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GRÖN CHAI 20 package × 2g COOP SVERIGE

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GRÖN CHAI(グリーンチャイ)20 package × 2g  COOP SVERIGE - Fikahuset(フィーカフセット)
GRÖN CHAI 20 package × 2g COOP SVERIGE

Contains 20 tea bags of GRÖN CHAI, a flavored green tea that is COOP SVERIGE's original product.

Can you imagine green tea blended with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, and black pepper?

The refreshing taste of green tea is a perfect match with the warming spices.

The spices aren't too strong, and the overall flavor is gentle and rounded.

Contains 20 tea bags of flavored green tea GRÖN CHAI, an original product of COOP SVERIGE.

COOP SVERIGE offers unique green teas.

When you're not in the mood for tea but want a hot drink with a little spice, GRÖN CHAI is perfect.

Try adding just a little milk.

Drinking green milk tea

This flavored tea comes in a tea bag type, so it's easy to brew.

You don't often find green tea with a hint of spice, so it might be a good idea to bring some as a souvenir.

Don't miss the Swedish pop and stylish package design.

* Rainforest Alliance certified

[Raw materials]
Green tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, black pepper
* Rainforest Alliance certified

【 country of origin 】
Sri Lanka (Country of manufacture: Sweden)

【 Internal capacity 】
40g (20 packets x 2g)

[About the package]
Due to the characteristics of the product, there may be slight scratches, scratches, or dents on the package exterior (especially around the corners), but this does not affect the product itself. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

All purchases made at Fikahuset are shipped directly from Sweden.

● Shipping fee is 1,600 yen nationwide.
(The maximum weight of the product is 1.7 kg)

● After shipping is completed, it usually arrives within 7 to 14 business days.

●Sent by international airmail with traceability.

In the case of personal import (for personal use/consumption), if the total price of the product is 16,600 yen or less, import duty and consumption tax will be exempted.

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GRÖN CHAI(グリーンチャイ)20 package × 2g  COOP SVERIGE - Fikahuset(フィーカフセット)

amount of tea leaves

1 Tea Bag



Steaming time


I want to know


スウェーデンにある COOP(コープ)です。エコロジカルな姿勢や、より良いものをリーズナブルに提供するポリシーが多くのスウェーデン人に認められています。

1899年に 「Good Food in good shops, at a good price」を理念に創立。消費者やローカルの生産者の目線で要望を採り入れ、常に前進する姿勢をもつ、応援したくなるスウェーデン企業のひとつです。

本当に COOP?と思ってしまうほど、キラリと光るポップで素敵なプロダクトデザインも魅力。

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TOROPISK(トロピスク)20 package × 2g  COOP SVERIGE - Fikahuset(フィーカフセット)

perfect for gift!






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