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Sibyllans Earl Gray Majestic Earl Gray Majestic Black Tea 100g Sibyllans

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Sibyllans Earl Grey Majestic アールグレイ・マジェスティック 紅茶 100g Sibyllans - Fikahuset(フィーカフセット)
Sibyllans Earl Gray Majestic Earl Gray Majestic Black Tea 100g Sibyllans

Sibyllans Earl Gray Majestic is the highest quality Earl Gray tea from Sibyllans, a long-established tea specialty store in Stockholm that was founded in 1916.

The reason it is called the highest quality is because it uses tea leaves that contain a lot of new leaves called golden tips.

When you put it in your mouth, you will get a round and soft taste that is different from the impression you get from the aroma.

A mellow Earl Gray with a refreshing aroma and a slightly sweet taste.

The secret is in the golden chip.

An image of pouring tea into a teacup and having fika

Golden chips are known as rare and valuable tea leaves because they cannot be hand-picked in large quantities.

A tip is a single bud of tea leaves that are curled up and unopened.

The tips still have the white downy hairs that grow densely on the surface of the leaves. The white downy hairs fall off as the tea leaves grow, so they are not found in regular black tea.

tea leaves in tea plantation

The chips are hand-picked by skilled craftsmen and then air-dried into silver-colored chips.

When this silver tip is rolled using traditional tea making methods, the tea liquid soaks into the white downy hair. When this ferments, golden chips are created.

Sibyllans tea and tea cups

Regular black tea contains a lot of polyphenols, but Golden Chip contains a lot of amino acids, so it has a smooth taste.

A mellow Earl Gray with a calming impression that is a must-try for Earl Gray lovers.

[Raw materials]
Black tea/bergamot

【 country of origin 】
India (Country of manufacture: Sweden)

【 Internal capacity 】
100g (approximately 50 cups, assuming 1 cup is 2g of tea leaves)

[About the product]
For Sibyllans tea, each tea leaf is weighed by hand by Sibyllans, so there may be slight differences in the content.

[About the package]
Due to manual processing, there may be slight variations in the way the package is packed. The paper bag or ribbon of the package may differ from the photo. Thank you for your understanding.

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Sibyllans Earl Grey Majestic アールグレイ・マジェスティック 紅茶 100g Sibyllans - Fikahuset(フィーカフセット)

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Sibyllans Söderte(セーデルティー)紅茶 100g Sibyllans - Fikahuset(フィーカフセット)

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ストックホルムにある素敵な老舗の紅茶専門店 Sibyllans は、1916年に Hilmer Hansson により創立。



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ストックホルムにある Sibyllans(シビランス)のお店が描かれた紙袋がとっても素敵。



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