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DARK 200g (instant coffee, dark roast) GEVALIA

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DARK 200g(インスタントコーヒー・深煎り)GEVALIA - Fikahuset(フィーカフセット)
DARK 200g (instant coffee, dark roast) GEVALIA

GEVALIA DARK is a dark-roasted instant coffee carefully made by the long-established Swedish coffee maker GEVALIA.

It has a sophisticated aroma that makes you wonder if it's instant, and a rich taste with a good balance of sourness and bitterness.

The deep bitterness makes the coffee stand out.

This is a well-balanced instant coffee made from Arabica beans that is enjoyed by many drinkers in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries.

Compared to the original, it has a slightly stronger bitterness and less acidity, so it is recommended for those who like strong coffee.

It's also delicious when you add milk to make a cafe latte.

GEVALIA's instant coffee is different!

David Holfve, GEVALIA's Master Taster, says:

``We are proud to have created an instant coffee that tastes even better than real coffee after extensive research.For example, I think GEVALIA's original and dark products are very well made.Well-balanced taste and aftertaste. The comfort level is much better than other instant coffees.

GEVALIA's instant coffee is perfect when you want a quick and easy cup of authentic coffee.

When you want to drink delicious coffee but don't have much time, being able to make it quickly is a big plus.

It's perfect for making quickly on a busy morning or during a break at work. You can also make it by directly pouring hot water and powder into a tumbler.

It is also useful in situations where you are raising a child and cannot make a leisurely cup of coffee.

GEVALIA DARK instant coffee can also be used for making sweets.

In Sweden, it is often used as a secret ingredient when making coffee-flavored sweets, as well as chocolate cakes and chocolate balls.

It's instant coffee with a strong flavor, so it's a nice accent.

[Raw materials]
arabica coffee beans

【 country of origin 】
Brazil (Country of manufacture: Sweden)

【 Internal capacity 】
200g (approximately 100 cups, assuming 1 cup is 2g)

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DARK 200g(インスタントコーヒー・深煎り)GEVALIA - Fikahuset(フィーカフセット)

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GEVALIA(イェヴァリア)は、1853年に海沿いの小さな町 Gävle(イェーヴレ)で、Victor Theodor Engwall がコーヒーの輸入業をスタートしたことがはじまり。

1913年にはコーヒーの焙煎所を建て、1920年に GEVALIA を創立します。順調に成長し、1966年にはスウェーデンで最も飲まれているコーヒーのブランドになります。

また、1995年に「Gevalia Ekologiskt 」を始動。環境や人々に優しいコーヒー豆の製造を積極的に行っています。

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perfect for gift!


スウェーデンで人気の GEVALIA コーヒー。


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