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Sweden eco bag (using recycled cotton) HIMELSÖ

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スウェーデン エコバッグ(リサイクルコットン使用)HIMELSÖ - Fikahuset(フィーカフセット)
Sweden eco bag (using recycled cotton) HIMELSÖ

[Due to a shortage of recycled cotton as a raw material, the manufacturer has temporarily discontinued production of this product. The time of restock is undecided. ]

Introducing an eco bag from Sweden! Himelsö's light gray eco bag features a chic monochrome print of Swedish landmarks.

We use environmentally friendly recycled cotton.

There are many buildings in the ecobag, including Stockholm Old Town, Stockholm City Hall, Stortorget Square, Liseberg Amusement Park (Gothenburg), Orebro Water Tower, Turning Torso High-rise Apartment Building (Malmö), and Stockholm Globe Arena. It's drawn and I get excited when I look at it.

Stylish design and coloring. The Swedish flag logo cut out in the shape of a heart is also an accent.

At first glance, it looks like something a tourist would have, but the design and color scheme of Sweden's HIMELSÖ make it look chic.

The base light gray color is easy to match, so it goes well with monochrome clothes or a colorful raincoat.

It's large and has a gusset, so it's easy to use. It's a slightly larger size that's easy to use + it has a little gusset + it's made of sturdy fabric, so you can easily put a lot of things in it.

Perfect for shopping.

It's large enough to hold a bath towel, so we recommend using it as a beach bag in Sweden.

Although it has a spacious size, it is compact when folded, so you can always keep it in your bag.

We are particular about being eco-friendly. Material: 70% recycled cotton and 30% polyester. We are committed to being eco-friendly and have obtained GRS (Global Recycle Standard), BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), and The Vegan Society (non tested on animals) certifications.

Manufactured by Himelsö, a brand that spreads the Swedish fika culture through cute products.

Even after using it, it still feels good. The fabric is strong, so even after using it many times and washing it many times, it still feels just right.

Of course, if you iron it to make it crisp, it will look like new again.

This is an eco bag that you will want to take with you when you go shopping and make full use of it.

This product is not available in the Japanese market, so if you are interested, please purchase it as soon as possible.

【 size 】
Width: 36cm
Height: 39cm
Gusset: 6cm
Handle length: 60cm


【 material 】
70% recycled cotton 30% polyester
*GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certification
* BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) certification
* The Vegan Society (non tested on animals) certification

[Country of manufacture]

【 remarks 】
There may be slight individual differences in size, print color, etc.

All purchases made at Fikahuset are shipped directly from Sweden.

● Shipping fee is 1,600 yen nationwide.
(The maximum weight of the product is 1.7 kg)

● After shipping is completed, it usually arrives within 7 to 14 business days.

●Sent by international airmail with traceability.

In the case of personal import (for personal use/consumption), if the total price of the product is 16,600 yen or less, import duty and consumption tax will be exempted.

Please be sure to check the usage guide before making a purchase, as information about shipping, delivery, customs duties, etc. is summarized in the user guide .

スウェーデン エコバッグ(リサイクルコットン使用)HIMELSÖ - Fikahuset(フィーカフセット)

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