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REKO 450g (organic coffee beans, dark roast) ARVID NORDQUIST

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REKO 450g(有機コーヒー豆・深煎り ) ARVID NORDQUIST - Fikahuset(フィーカフセット)
REKO 450g (organic coffee beans, dark roast) ARVID NORDQUIST

ARVID NORDQUIST, a coffee maker certified by the Swedish Royal Family, uses REKO dark roasted organic coffee beans.

A beautiful blend with a harmonious balance of bitterness and sourness.

The product name REKO means "honesty, purity, equality" in Swedish, and also includes the meaning of "ECO" in ecology.

A rich, rich and deep coffee with a nutty, fruity taste and aroma, and a spicy aftertaste, with a perfect balance of bitterness and acidity.

It is one of the popular coffee beans among Swedes who prefer well-balanced coffee with a little sourness.

Made with 100% hand-picked organic Arabica beans carefully selected by ARVID NORDQUIST's master blender.

The rich, full-bodied taste and fruity aroma that can only be produced from high-quality coffee beans grown slowly at high altitudes has captivated many people in Northern Europe.

* FAIRTRADE certification * KRAV certification * EU-Organic certification * CO2 Compensated certification

[Raw materials]
organic arabica coffee beans
* FAIRTRADE certification
* KRAV certification
*EU-Organic certification
*CO2 Compensated certification

【 country of origin 】
Colombia, Ethiopia, India, etc. (Country of manufacture: Sweden)

【 Internal capacity 】
450g (approximately 45 cups, assuming 1 cup is 10g)

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● Shipping fee is 1,600 yen nationwide.
(The maximum weight of the product is 1.7 kg)

● After shipping is completed, it usually arrives within 7 to 14 business days.

●Sent by international airmail with traceability.

In the case of personal import (for personal use/consumption), if the total price of the product is 16,600 yen or less, import duty and consumption tax will be exempted.

Please be sure to check the usage guide before making a purchase, as information about shipping, delivery, customs duties, etc. is summarized in the user guide .

REKO 450g(有機コーヒー豆・深煎り ) ARVID NORDQUIST - Fikahuset(フィーカフセット)

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ARVID NORDQUIST(アールヴィッド・ノードクイスト)は、1884年にスウェーデンのストックホルムで Arvid Nordquist がデリを開いたことがはじまり。

クオリティへのこだわりの高さには定評があり、1907年以降スウェーデン王室の御用達として認定されています。紅茶は EUオーガニック認証を受けた茶葉を使用。


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ARVID NORDQUIST はスウェーデン王室認定のメーカー。



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