We deliver fika from Sweden

Moomin cookies and coffee

Filled with excitement

Fikahuset has been closed for a long time since the summer of 2023, but has reopened in January 2024.

The package will be shipped directly from Sweden to Japan, so it will be packed with the Swedish atmosphere!

Don't you get excited just thinking about receiving a package from Sweden?

It will take some time to ship by international airmail, but the time you spend waiting can be an extension of your shopping experience.

Come to think of it, I hope you will remember how you used to look forward to something when you were a child as you wait for the package to arrive.

teaspoon and black tea leaves

A wide variety of tea and coffee

In conjunction with the reopening, we have increased the variety of tea and coffee available.

We plan to continue increasing the number in the future.

We want to respond flexibly to customer feedback.

If you have any product requests, please feel free to contact us.

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stacked white mugs

Always in stock for you

When we were importing and selling products in Japan, we often ran out of products due to imports, which caused inconvenience.

Once we reopen, we plan to always have enough stock to ensure we don't run out of stock.

*Some tea products have limited stock. Please note.

Envelope and Dalana Horse cookie cutters

We look forward to your review

Unfortunately, there are no reviews at the moment because we were unable to transfer the reviews collected at the BASE shop that operated from 2019 to the summer of 2023 to this system.

Whether you have written in the past or not, we would appreciate it if you could post a review.

We look forward to your reviews!

It's a shame that the BASE shop reviews written by everyone in the past are no longer available, so I've been diligently taking screenshots and compiling them.

Please refer to this review if you like.

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