About payment methods

Pay in a safe and secure way

The following payment methods are available for shopping at Fikahuset:

・Credit card (VISA/Master)
・Apple Pay
·Bank transfer

●Pay by credit card

You can use the following two types of credit cards:

VISA (Visa card)
Master (Master Card)

Our shop uses secure Shopify Payments for credit card payments.

Shopify Payments complies with "PCI-DSS Compliance," the internationally unified standard for credit card information security, and payment procedures are performed safely.

Our shop does not store any credit card information.

For more information, see Shopify Security .

● Pay with Apple Pay

If you have Apple Pay set up, you can smoothly pay your bill.

Our shop does not store any credit card information.
For more information, see Apple Pay Security .

● Payment by bank transfer

In the case of bank transfer, please make the payment to our designated financial institution account within one week after completing your order.

The financial institution is Mitsubishi UFJ Bank. Once your order has been completed, you will receive your account number and other information in the "Order Confirmation Email" from our shop.

  • *
    After confirming the transfer, your order will be confirmed and ready for shipping. Due to the time difference with Sweden, it may take several days for the transfer to be confirmed.
  • *
    Please bear the transfer fee.
  • *
    If the orderer's name and the bank account name from which the payment is made are not the same, please enter this in the notes section.
  • *
    In the unlikely event that the transfer cannot be confirmed within one week, your order may be canceled. Please note.

Questions about shipping costs, delivery methods, and customs duties are summarized in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Please check before contacting us.

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