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It's convenient to have an account

You can create an account on the checkout screen at the time of purchase.

If you check "Save this information for next time" on the form where you enter your customer information at checkout, you can log in to your account the next time.

What can I do with my account?

When you create an account, the following information will be saved, making it very convenient for future orders.

・Save delivery address ・Confirm order history

*Credit card information will not be saved

Please try logging in from the second time onwards.

If you save your information from your last order, your future purchases will be much easier.

You can log in using the human icon on the top right of the top page or from the checkout screen.

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Checkout screen

How do I log in?

Please enter the email address you saved from your last order.

Once entered, a 4-digit code will be sent to your email address. Enter the login code to be logged in.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) contain questions about shipping costs, shipping methods, customs duties, etc. Please check before contacting us.

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