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What is VOLVO? VOLVO Cars is headquartered in Göteborg...
VOLVO Cars(ボルボ・カーズ)エンブレム

What is VOLVO?

VOLVO Cars is headquartered in Göteborg, Sweden's second largest city, and has its headquarters and factory.

VOLVO was born in 1926. Founded by Assar Gabrielsson and Gustav Larsson.

At the time, these two were working for SKF, a world-famous company that manufactures bearings for automobile parts, and with the support of SKF, they began manufacturing automobiles on their own.

It may be said that VOLVO was born because of Sweden's tolerant company structure.

VOLVO Cars emblem

The name VOLVO means "I roll" in Latin.

Apparently it was the name of an affiliated company of the aforementioned bearing manufacturer SKF.

In addition, the VOLVO emblem (marked with an arrow pointing diagonally upward to the right) represents iron, which has been used since ancient times in Sweden.

Sweden, which had a thriving steel manufacturing industry, is well known for producing rust-resistant iron, and its parent company, SKF, was a global bearing manufacturer, so they made this iron their trademark.

Since its founding, VOLVO Cars has emphasized the importance of car safety in its design and development.

We are actively working on developing safety equipment, conducting accident investigations, and providing feedback for design, especially collisions with moose, which are common in Northern Europe! This was taken into consideration from the development stage.

Volvo cars certainly have the image of being ``robust and safe.''

VOLVO Cars steering wheel

Safety is not a monopoly

VOLVO Cars is best known for its invention of the three-point seat belt developed by Nils Bolin in 1959.

Although VOLVO Cars has patented this technology, they believe that safety should not be a monopoly and have made the patent available to the public free of charge.

Thanks to this, three-point seatbelts are now installed in cars all over the world, and it is said that they have saved the lives of over one million people since their invention.

VOLVO running on the prairie

I have been conscious of eco-friendliness for a long time.

VOLVO Cars is one of the first car manufacturers to be eco-friendly.

He has been considering various measures to address environmental issues for some time, and in 1976 he developed an oxygen sensor called the Lambda Sensor.

This device has reduced harmful exhaust gases by 90%. For nearly 40 years, this lambda sensor has been used in almost all gasoline engines around the world.

VOLVO has been seriously addressing environmental issues for a long time, and I feel that they were able to do what they did because they were a Swedish car company.

Although I don't know much about the mechanical aspects of automobiles, I thought it was great that they were sharing their developed technology with other automakers.

Gothenburg has a VOLVO Cars museum that is open to the public. We often go to Gothenburg, but we have never been to this museum yet.

There is a classic VOLVO car on display in the center of the conveyor belt that picks up luggage at Gothenburg Airport, and every time I see it, I want to go there.

When I looked into VOLVO again, my feelings became even stronger.

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