October 4th is Happy Cinnamon Roll Day

Swedish sweets day In Sweden, there are various days t...

Swedish sweets day

In Sweden, there are various days throughout the year related to sweets.

Many Swedes enjoy the sweet on such days as Waffle Day (March 25th) and Semla Day (a sweet made with whipped cream and almond paste in a cardamom brioche bun) (Tuesday before the Easter fast). Masu.

Although it is not a national holiday, it is well-recognized and may even be on the Swedish calendar.

swedish cinnamon rolls
Hemgjorda kanelbullar

Everyone loves cinnamon roll day

One of those wonderful Sweet Swedish Days is Cinnamon Roll (kanelbullar) Day (Kanelbullensdag), which falls on October 4th.

It began in 1999 when the Swedish Home Baking Association established it to commemorate its 40th anniversary.

``For Swedes, cinnamon buns were an essential part of Fika, so I couldn't think of anything else other than cinnamon buns,'' said the chairman at the time.

swedish cinnamon rolls
Hemgjorda kanelbullar

Cinnamon rolls seem to have been made in Sweden since the 1920s, but spices like cinnamon were expensive at the time, so they didn't really become widely available in Sweden until the 1950s.

Now you can find cinnamon rolls everywhere in Sweden. It's safe to say that there isn't a pastry shop or cafe that doesn't carry cinnamon rolls.

A lot of cinnamon buns are sold frozen in supermarkets, and many Swedes now seem to prefer buying cinnamon buns rather than making them.

swedish cinnamon rolls

Different styles of cinnamon rolls

The cafe sells original cinnamon rolls that are usually handmade.

In the lovely Haga district of Göteborg, Sweden's second largest city, there is a cafe famous for its giant cinnamon rolls.

The name of the cafe is CAFE HUSAREN.

They sell large cinnamon rolls with a diameter of 30 to 35 cm, which are popular with tourists.

We also entered this cafe, but the cinnamon roll was bigger than we expected, so we didn't have the courage to order it, so we ended up not eating it...

I would like to try it someday.


swedish cinnamon rolls
Cinnamonbuns from CINNABON

american cinnamon rolls

When you think of cinnamon rolls, CINNABON, which was born in Seattle, USA, comes to mind. Those are super sweet, big, moist cinnamon rolls.

Swedish cinnamon rolls look and taste different from American cinnamon rolls.

Swedish ones often have a simple dough with spices such as cardamom, and just a sprinkle of flaky pearl sugar on top.

It is different from the American version, which has a lot of frosted sugar and the bread itself has a sweet and fluffy texture.

Also, in America it is often eaten for breakfast, but in Sweden it is eaten during tea time (fika).

Cinnamon buns and coffee are a classic fika in Sweden.

swedish cinnamon rolls

Swedes love kanelbullar

When I looked into several sites about cinnamon buns (kanelbullar), I found an article that said, ``Swedes eat over 300 cinnamon buns a year.''

I don't think I eat that much, but considering I eat fika twice a day, it might be true!

We often bake kanelbullar at home. It's so delicious that I end up eating several of them.

For my Swedish husband, the smell of cinnamon sugar and butter baking in the oven seems to be directly connected to nostalgic memories of Sweden, and the time until the bread bakes feels like a moment of happiness.

I'm secretly dreaming that someday I'll be able to open a shop where I can deliver Swedish cinnamon buns to everyone...



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