Cardamom is an important spice for Swedes.

cardamom scent The scent of cardamom is an exotic scen...

cardamom scent

The scent of cardamom is an exotic scent that Japanese people are not familiar with, but it is an indispensable spice for Swedes.

It has a refreshing lemon-like, flower-like aroma, and a zesty smokiness and bitterness, yet has a fruity and mellow taste.

Cardamom is actually kneaded into the dough of Swedish cinnamon buns.

It is also included in the bread dough of the traditional sweet "Semla", which is sold only in February, and makes a nice accent. Cardamom cakes and pastries are also common.

In Sweden, sweets and cardamom are inseparable.

Swedish cardamom
Hel kardemumma

About cardamom

Cardamom is a perennial plant of the ginger family. Harvest the fruit while it is still green and dry it.

It seems to have grown naturally in a tropical rainforest area called the Cardamon Hills in southern India.

Currently, in addition to India and Sri Lanka, the main exporting countries are Tanzania, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, and Guatemala.

Cardamom has been used in India for 2000 years, but it also appeared in European records around the 12th century.

Cardamom arrived in Europe along the caravan route of the time, and the Vikings (pirates from Sweden and Norway) brought cardamom from Constantinople (present-day Istanbul) to the Scandinavian Peninsula.

This is one of the stories that clearly shows how Scandinavian culture is heavily influenced by Vikings.

Swedish cardamom

Grind the spices into powder

We recommend grinding spices into powder in a marble mortar.

The scent is completely different between the powdered version and the freshly ground version, so be sure to give it a try.

A mortar is a common kitchen item in Swedish homes.

This mortar that we use at home was purchased at IKEA.

Although it is very heavy (probably over 5 kg), it is easy to use and makes you want to turn various spices into powder.

Swedish cardamom
Kardemum madrömmar

Cardamom cookies that melt like a dream

Today I baked cardamom cookies (Kardemummadrömmar).

Drömmar means "dream" in Swedish. A cookie that melts in your mouth like a dream.

When you put it in your mouth, the moist, crumbly cookie melts in your mouth and is very delicious.

We often make Swedish sweets at home, and when I look at Swedish recipes, I'm surprised at how much butter and sugar they contain. There are many recipes that call for 200g of butter and 200g of sugar.

In Japan, many books on healthy sweets that don't use butter or sugar are popular, but Swedish sweets have nothing to do with such health-consciousness.

Swedish cardamom cookies
Kardemum madrömmar

However, the fragrant smell of baking butter and sugar and the rich, buttery taste are indescribably satisfying and blissful.

I think it would be a good idea to eat less and enjoy sweet Swedish sweets once in a while.

This recipe was based on a recipe from ICA, a large Swedish supermarket.

There are a lot of photos that have a typical Swedish color scheme and a warm, homely feel, so it's fun just looking at them.

Kardemummadrömmar recipe



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