Nobel Prize Banquet Blended Tea

Gorgeous Nobel Prize Banquet The Nobel Prize ceremony ...

Gorgeous Nobel Prize Banquet

The Nobel Prize ceremony is held on December 10th every year at the Stockholm Concert Hall, and the banquet is held at Stockholm City Hall.

The venue for the banquet is the Blue Hall, a beautiful space with a floor covered in green marble from Kolmården.

Since 1934, this spectacular event has been held every year at this venue that can accommodate up to 1,300 guests.

Gorgeous Nobel Prize Banquet

The dinner party menu attracts attention every year, but it seems like it was very simple in the beginning. The menu for 1901 looked like this.

・Consommé soup ・Beef fillet ・Salad ・Grand Hotel pastries

Currently, the menu features dishes that take advantage of Scandinavian natural blessings and flair.

Venue for the glamorous Nobel Prize banquet
Stadshuset i Stockholm

Novel Museum Tea Blend

The tea served at the Nobel Prize banquet is blended every year by The Tea Center of Stockholm, a long-established tea shop in Stockholm.

It is called Novel Museum Tea Blend, but the blend content seems to change every year and the recipe is not published.

Fikafset carries tea from The Tea Center of Stockholm.

The Tea Center of Stockholm is most famous for its Söder blend created by internationally renowned blender Vernon Morris.

All the teas here are delicious, so be sure to try all the varieties.

It might be a good idea to enjoy a fragrant blended tea that is perfect for a special fika and think back to the Nobel Prize banquet.



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