Swedes love coffee

Vi älskar kaffe! Swedes are said to be the most coffee-d...

Vi älskar kaffe!

Swedes are said to be the most coffee-drinking people in the world.

It's true that when you walk around the streets of Sweden, there are many unique cafes.

There may be more cafes than restaurants.

According to 2018 statistics from The International Coffee Organization (ICO), coffee consumption by country is as follows.

1 Finland 12kg (annual consumption per person)
2 Norway 9.9kg
3 Iceland 9kg
4 Denmark 8.7kg
5 Netherlands 8.4kg
6 Sweden 8.2kg
7 Switzerland 7.9kg

Sweden ranks 6th, but in Japan, the average consumption is about 1.5 kg, which means that Swedes drink about 5.5 times more coffee than Japanese.

An image of everyone having a fika together

Scandinavian people love fika

Is it because of the long winters that Scandinavian countries have overwhelmingly high coffee consumption?

I think that's partly because the culture of drinking tea like fika is firmly rooted in people's lives.

Northern European people value the time they spend talking and thinking while drinking coffee or tea.

In Sweden, many companies recommend fika twice a day, usually around 10:00 and 15:00.

Around that time, everyone gathers in the pantry over a cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea and chats.

office pantry

We enjoy chatting about things like the weather, sports, and TV programs, and after about 15 minutes, everyone goes back to their respective places.

Afternoon fika is often accompanied by sweets such as pastries, baked goods, and chocolate.

Moreover, it is a paid break of 2 x 15 minutes for a total of 30 minutes.

I don't think it would be possible to do the same thing in a Japanese office, so why not start by having some people have an afternoon fika?



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